Charity Pro-Am Auction | National Pickleball


CHARITY pro-am

Friday, march 6, 6-9pm


Have you ever wished you could play with your favorite pro? Now you can! Fans will be able to bid to play with their favorite pro, with half the proceeds going directly to the pro and other half going to the American Red Cross.


  • 15-team Round Robin – One pool of seven (7) teams and one pool of eight (8).
  • Each match is timed at 12-minutes to give equal playing time to all players. The pool of seven will play one additional game to ensure all teams play the same number of games.
  • Standard scoring will be used. But, one (1) extra point will be given for the match winner and an Erne or ATP winner is worth two (2) points.
  • Pool standings will be decided on most cumulative points earned across all pool play matches. Ties will be determined by most wins and then by most bonus (ATP or Erne) points earned.
  • Top four (4) teams from each pool will advance to an 8-team, single elimination playoff, seeded based on cumulative points. Playoff seeding ties will be determined by most wins and then by most bonus points (ATP or Erne) earned.
  • Playoff matches are 1 to 15, win by 1, using standard scoring, no bonus points, and matches are not timed.
  • Each player on the top three teams will receive an engraved Tempercraft water bottle.
  • All amatuer participants will receive a free t-shirt from PKLR.

pro players

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