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J “Gizmo” Hall

II’ve been playing pickleball for just a little over 3 years now. While on shift at the fire department, I was introduced to the game by two 70-year-old ladies at the rec center. Little did I know that this game would change my life. I started playing 3-5 days a week, trying to practice and play as many tournaments as I could. I started traveling all up and down the east coast, with the aspirations of being a nationally touring pro. And now here I am! In 2019 USAPA pickleball magazine did a full two page spread about me. I am a national bronze medalist in Men’s singles and have played from coast to coast with plans to start playing internationally in the coming years. In January of this year in Hawaii I was a triple crown recipient, taking gold in all 3 events. Men’s 4.0/4.5 singles, 4.0 Mixed doubles and 4.5 Mens doubles. When I am not traveling for pickleball, I am at home at Pickleball farm with my wife, two kids, and our animals. I also teach pickleball locally and am a motivational speaker for kids/teens and at the same time I am spreading the love of pickleball to all ages. We have just recently turned PIckleball farm into 501c3 to continue to spread the love of farming, gardening, and of course pickleball to the local youth.

The Offer:

The highest bidder will get a signed Rogue 2 Gizmo Players paddle, as well as a signed Scout Gizmo Players Paddle. The only caveat is, the Scout paddle has to be given to a kid! I can guarantee some laughs, some amazing base-line banter, and at a minimum a few “LETS GOs!!!”

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