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California Open Sponsors

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Kitch Pickleball is the official apparel partner of National Pickleball. Kitch is the sport’s leader in Pickleball fashion and custom Pickleball gear nationwide. Whether you want to look good on the court or outfit your tournament, team, or club with stylish new gear, Kitch is the place to go.

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OnCourt OffCourt

The source for the most popular portable pickleball nets in the world and much more! Portable lines, scorekeepers, pickleball hoppers and mowers, training aids, target systems, and more!

Check out for the most high-quality and creative pickleball and tennis products in the world! Buy from the source. OnCourt OffCourt holds the patents and manufacturers all the oval tube pickleball net systems in the world!

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Santa Barbara Solutions

Theracream offers topical pain relief cream solutions for Acute & Chronic Pain. Our topical relief creams Theracream & Theracream Extreme (with CBD) are compounded by a Pharmacist and offer deep, long lasting pain relief utilizing all natural ingredients.

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KANGEN Athletes

Introducing Kangen water. Water as nature intended.

Electrolyte and Hydrogen Rich, Alkalized, Anti-Oxidant, and Micro-Clustered water created in the convenience of your own home or on the go with Japanese technology.

It’s just water, but it’s not just water. We can all agree that not all water is created equal. So… What’s in your water? Stop by the “Kangen Athletes” booth and have your water tested for free. We also have a special promotional offer, so don’t miss out.

National Pickleball proudly serves Kangen water to provide all athletes with SUPERIOR Hydration, Performance and Recovery.

Feel, Taste and Experience the Difference. Kangen water. It does a body good!

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C&D Pickleball Nets

C&D Pickleball Nets, the highest quality rollable nets on the market.  Made in the USA. Built by Pickleball Players for Pickleball Players. Official Net of the PPA Tour.

ProPickleball Media

ProPickleball Media brings you the latest on the best in the sport, with a focus on performance, sports and health science, and related information technology.

Onix Pickleball

Since its founding in 2005, ONIX has dedicated its mission to growing the sport of pickleball with leading products and innovation. As the creator of the Z5, pickleball’s top-selling paddle, ONIX brings cutting-edge technology with a personality to match – products that make a statement in both performance and style. Our pickleball paddles, balls, and equipment are designed by players for players. Through ongoing research and development, ONIX is continually raising the bar as the best in pickleball. ONIX – because winning is fun!


An LA based clothing brand, PKLR, is inspired by the classic game of pickleball. Our collections showcase modern minimalism designs on high quality apparel. Our group of highly inspired and driven designers envision bigger things as the brand progresses through our devotion not only to the sport, but to style as well.

The Pickleball Rocks Clothing & Equipment Company

Pickleball Rocks is the largest, best selling pickleball apparel brand in the country. We provide many programs to help the sport of pickleball grow in towns and communities worldwide.

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Dink This!

We offer performance Pickleball shirts, hats, and skorts. We, also, are an authorized dealer for Selkirk Paddles. We are a major supplier for the Nationals at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. Dink to high and slammers say “Dink This”!

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Hydrant – Rapid Hydration Mix

Hydrant loves to hydrate pickleballers! We offer an electrolyte mix that provides rapid hydration in convenient packets. Hydrant is lightly flavored with real fruit juice, no nonsense, and delivers up to 3x the electrolytes of a traditional sports drink. We’ll be serving ice cold samples all weekend at the California Open!

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ProKennex is committed to delivering paddles with the best technology, science and design along with complementary products including the new 2020 ProKennex Clothing line.

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Real Time Pain Relief

Don’t let pain keep you down for the count. Fight back—and win—with George Foreman’s KNOCKOUT FORMULA™. From arthritis, simple backache and muscle strains to bruises, sprains and cramps, just “Real Time It” with George Foreman’s KNOCKOUT FORMULA™ and deliver a powerful punch to your pain.The best part? It gets the job done without parabens, SLS, artificial dyes, GMOs, NSAIDs or acetaminophen.

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Tru Fusion Sports Recovery

Tru Fusion Sports Recovery Athlete tested products that take recovery to a new level!

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Universal Site Services, Inc

Founded in 1958 in California’s Silicon Valley, Universal Site Services, Inc. has grown into one of the largest privately held, woman owned, outdoor maintenance companies with a commitment to delivering the very best client focused solution to exterior maintenance on the West Coast.

With over 60 years of experience and one of the largest fleets of exterior maintenance equipment we are a “Complete Site Service”.

Offering four core services – Parking Lot Sweeping, Day Porters, Pressure Washing, and Landscape Maintenance, your property is our priority.

Contact Shilo McGrew, (213) 215-4867, or email: for bid inquiries or more information.

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